Most of those who are interested in learning English nowadays are doing that with business purposes. Increasing their listening skills as well as the business vocabulary are really important for them. With that in mind, we present you with two excellent podcasts so as to enhance your English, and at the same time get some great tips you can apply in your professional life.

1 – Business English Club

Business English Club Podcast is for intermediate Business English learners. The show includes short talks on business topics focused on Business English vocabulary, grammar and business expressions. Recommended for TOEIC test takers.

2 – Business English Pod

Business English Pod provides MP3 Business English podcast lessons and online learning tools for intermediate and advanced Business English learners. The lessons cover a comprehensive range of business language skills for meetings, presentations, telephoning, negotiating, socializing, business trips, and so on.

Looking forward to listening to them? Look them up on your favorite podcast app, like “Podcast Player” for Android or “Podcasts” for iOS. Why don’t you start today? Surely it will be a great experience which will make your English achieve a higher level in no time.

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